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“Better Snacking” with a good feeling

Our brands stand for high naturalness, conscious enjoyment and snack experiences that make a positive contribution to our customers' lives.

Our snacking brands offer an alternative to typical confectionery. We reduce the amount of sugar in our products and also develop vegan versions of our chocolate snacks.
FruitySouls are carefully selected whole fruits that are first gently freeze-dried and then covered in delicious chocolate.

The gentle freeze-drying process creates the crunchy effect and natural fruitiness in the core. Covered in high-quality chocolate, the unique Fruity Souls taste experience is created...

FruitySouls come in 5 different fruit varieties – covered in milk, dark or white chocolate. The dark chocolate varieties are vegan.
Nuyu Nuts
Skinny Dipped Nuts. Nuturally Delicious.

NUYU NUTS come in three delicious nut varieties, thinly coated in vegan cocoa. They are made from natural ingredients and have a low sugar content – a nutritious and delicious snack.

NUYU’s can be peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts combined with 100% vegan cocoa in three delicious varieties: plain, whole milk and light. There are also no-added-sugar varieties.
FROOX Früchte
Natural freeze-dried fruits in different varieties, e.g. strawberries, raspberries, mango, pineapple, and also in mixed varieties.

A real superfood, which is easily available at any time. A real superfood, which is easily available at any time. Due to the gentle freeze-drying process, all valuable nutrients of the fruits are preserved.

The freeze-dried fruits from FROOX are:
• 100% natural
• gluten-free
• lactose-free
• vegan
• without additives
• without added sugar
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Company News
16. Sep 2023
FROOX und Naturland: Qualität und Nachhaltigkeit in unseren Produkten
Wir freuen uns offiziell unsere neue Partnerschaft mit Naturland bekannt geben zu können
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9. Sep 2023
Ein Fruchtiger Neustart: Fruity Souls im modernen Gewand!
Spannende Neuigkeiten! 🍒🍍Unsere FROOX-Marke Fruity Souls - Gefriergetrocknete Früchte in Schokolade - erstrahlt in neuem Glanz mit einem frischen Design und nachhaltiger Papierverpackung, die praktische 80g-Portionen enthält.
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7. Sep 2023
FROOX: Neue Maßstäbe für leckere vegane Schokolade
Bei FROOX setzen wir uns seit geraumer Zeit intensiv mit veganer Schokolade auseinander und sind zu dem Schluss gekommen, dass die Qualität vieler Hersteller einfach nicht unseren hohen Ansprüchen genügt.
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