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20. März 2023

We are happy to welcome Melina Sander to the team!Melina Sander - our new key account manager in Hamburg.

FROOX was again at the FOOD EXPO WEST in Anaheim this year.

Expo West is one of the largest food and beverage trade shows in the world, providing a platform for companies to showcase their latest products and services. We have been represented here for years and present our products and solutions

The number of plant-based and vegan products as well as innovative solutions that rely on organic ingredients and gluten-free options has increased again this year. Companies are increasingly responding to increased consumer demand for healthy and sustainable food. Another exciting development is the use of new technologies, from blockchain technology to intelligent packaging, to make food production more efficient and sustainable.

FROOX offers customized (organic/vegan) product solutions that are US/FDA compliant. We are pleased about increasing interest from American partners and growing business in the USA. Our sustainable packaging solutions are also in tune with the spirit of the times in America and are met with great interest.
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Company News
16. Sep 2023
FROOX und Naturland: Qualität und Nachhaltigkeit in unseren Produkten
Wir freuen uns offiziell unsere neue Partnerschaft mit Naturland bekannt geben zu können
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9. Sep 2023
Ein Fruchtiger Neustart: Fruity Souls im modernen Gewand!
Spannende Neuigkeiten! 🍒🍍Unsere FROOX-Marke Fruity Souls - Gefriergetrocknete Früchte in Schokolade - erstrahlt in neuem Glanz mit einem frischen Design und nachhaltiger Papierverpackung, die praktische 80g-Portionen enthält.
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7. Sep 2023
FROOX: Neue Maßstäbe für leckere vegane Schokolade
Bei FROOX setzen wir uns seit geraumer Zeit intensiv mit veganer Schokolade auseinander und sind zu dem Schluss gekommen, dass die Qualität vieler Hersteller einfach nicht unseren hohen Ansprüchen genügt.
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