9. November 2021

How does vegan chocolate actually work?

And why actually vegan?

There are many important reasons to eat vegan. For us, the most important thing was probably because we can do it and because it tastes good!

Of course, we are equally pleased about the many other positive aspects, such as animal welfare, environmental protection and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions – we could list many more positive aspects for a vegan lifestyle here. This is, of course, a very personal decision.

With our vegan FruitySouls, you can snack vegan with a positive feeling even if you don't live vegan.

What are the ingredients of a classic chocolate?

Here we have to distinguish between dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. The ingredients and partly also the quantities are regulated by the cocoa ordinance.

It is interesting to note that dark chocolate consists only of cocoa mass, cane sugar and cocoa butter and, unlike milk and white chocolate, contains no milk powder. So per se, dark chocolate is vegan.

What are the plant-based alternatives in vegan "whole milk" and vegan white chocolate?

There are various possibilities here and often it is even a combination of several ingredients that leads to a perfect vegan chocolate treat.

The best-known alternatives include rice syrup, coconut milk and oat syrup powder. Combined with delicious ingredients such as nut pulp, coconut chips or fruit pieces/powder, a true taste experience in VEGAN! So go for it with our vegan "chocolate" balls – for a better world – for a better you.
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